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In Home Training

Why in-home training?


Home is where the action happens.


Issues you are having at home with your pet, simply can't be replicated as well, if at all, in a group class setting.  


Every dog is unique.  Seeing your pet in their own home environment can assist the training experience on several levels and help tailor the training to your pet and your situation.  


It also takes much of the stress off your dog, when training is done in your own home.  No car sickness to worry about.  No putting your focus on keeping your dog calm when all he wants to do is check out the other dogs. 


Training time is simply you, me, and your pet.  


In-Home Training Sessions
90 plus tax
60 minutes

* Prior to your first in-home training session, we will have either a virtual or phone intake meeting to discuss your situation, ask questions, gather information, and give you a sense of what to expect during your session(s). 

In-Home Training Packages

Let's Do This!  Package  

8 in-home sessions / 3 virtual sessions

unlimited email support for 6 months

$680 plus tax (that is a $160 savings)

Just the Basics Package  

3 in-home sessions / 3 virtual sessions

unlimited email support for 4 months

$375 plus tax (a $75 savings)

Monthly In-home Package  

4 in-home sessions

unlimited email support for 45 days.

$300 plus tax (a $60 savings)

Reach out today to set up a virtual intake meeting, to discuss you and your pet's training needs.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training Sessions
60 plus tax
50 minutes

Once a training plan has been established or if in-person is not an option, virtual training sessions allow us to still meet virtually to work on your training endeavors.  It is a wonderful way to touch base and make sure your training is staying on track when a traditional in person session is not convenient.

Virtual Training Packages  

4 sessions - $220 plus tax

8 sessions -$400 plus tax

Want to get your AKC Virtual Home Manners Certification or  AKC Trick dog title? 

Mixed breed or purebred...all are eligible to participant.

Ask me how


Can my family or roommate participate?

Of course.  It is important for anyone who interacts with your pet to know what is involved in the training.  It's better to show everyone rather than learning second hand.

Do you take care of all the training?

Oh, if only dog training was that easy.  During our training session, we will work together on modifications you may need to implement to help with behavioral issues and training exercises to work on with your dog.  On your end, you are expected to work on training exercises 30 minutes a day and stick to any behavior modification plans we have in place.  What if you don't put in the time?  Training can still happen but it is going to take a lot longer to see results. 

What if I don't have 30 minutes of time to devote to training?

Much like an exercise routine, you have to devote time to see results.  30 minutes really isn't bad when you break it up over the day.  Take 5-10 minutes in the morning & evening to hand feed morning kibble for doing exercises (basically you pup is working for his food),  Commercial breaks are GREAT!!!  It is a perfect duration of time to work on an activity.  Basically you get to watch tv, train, watch tv, train.  The time adds up.  Are there days when your schedule is simply so busy you can't squeeze anything more in?  You may want to take advantage of my Walk & Train services.  It doesn't take the place of you doing your homework but it helps on the days you simply don't have time.

How many training sessions will we need?

This is going to depend on you, your dog, what you want to accomplish through your training exercises, how much time you put into practice, and a zillion other factors which happen with life.  What I can say is that one-on-one training sessions allow me to spend my time interacting with you and just you during the session.  This makes one-on-one training much more efficient than group classes.  After an initial consult, I can give you a better idea of what you can realistically expect and how often we should meet.   Depending on what behaviors you want to work on, we may be able to mix in virtual meetings if desired, after an initial in person session.  You may even find you enjoy your training sessions so much, you sign up for regular training sessions to keep pushing you and your pup further along the training journey.  

What about socialization?  Isn't that important?

Absolutely!  Socialization is a key aspect to dog training, especially with puppies and young dogs.  However, our in-home training sessions are for working on training and behavioral issues in an environment with little distraction to allow us all to focus on the topics at hand.  Socialization and ways you can help to your dog get these opportunities can definitely be  discussed during our training.  Perhaps you may opt to do a future training session out in a public area.  However, let's work on the basics at home first then work our way up.

What if my dog is aggressive?

Let's set up a time to talk about your situation because it depends.  All dogs are capable of demonstrating aggressive tendencies or even biting.  Some aggressive issues can be resolved with an understanding of the underlying issue and your continued work with your dog following any instructions and exercises given.  This is going to be the situation with many aggressive dogs.  However, I do not specialize in severe aggression cases.  If after speaking with you about your situation or at any time during our training I do not feel I am a good fit for your situation, I will be happy to provide you with contacts who specialize in canine aggression.

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