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All Tails Waggin' LLC Policies

All cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid charges.

Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations.

Payments will be collected in advance and may be made via cash or credit card.  

Aggression - 
All Tails Waggin' has the right to evaluate and possibly decline working with a specific dog or pet if that animal has a history of aggression.  If the decision is made by All Tails Waggin' LLC to decline working with a dog there will be no charge for the initial consult visit and a referral sheet will be provided listing trainers/behaviorists who specialize in aggression. 

If there is a known history of aggression, including bite occurrences, which is not disclosed on the intake form completed by the client, the fee for the initial visit will not be waived.  Just because a dog has bitten in the past, does not mean the case will be declined.  Dogs bite for various reasons and the background of the situation will be discussed.

Dog walks/pet check-in visits

  • An initial visit (no charge) must be conducted prior to first dog walk/pet check-in visit to conduct introductions, gather information, go over contract, and gather copy of key or code for entry into the home. 
  • Clients who book services at least 4 days a week will be given preference and a set time slot.  Clients who book 3 or less days a week will be subject to availability to time slots available.  Although not guaranteed, we will attempt to keep the time of the visit consistent if scheduling allows.
  • If medications are to be dispensed during the visit, the owner must sign a release form and all medications must be in their original Rx packaging with instructions.
  • The service area for dog walking/pet check-in visits is 15 miles from 14476.

Walk & Train Visits
  • Walk & Train visits must be made in conjunction with one-on-one training sessions to ensure skills worked on are transferred over to the owner.  The number of visits will depend on the skills being developed.  The first visit will be a one-on-one training session in order to discuss issues, goals, expectations, and to demonstrate what you will need to do on your end toward the training.  Without any training on your end, the dog is likely to learn to listen primarily to the trainer.  However, with your own efforts in addition to walk & train sessions, the time needed for your dog to grasp the training concepts should increase dramatically.  
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