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Puppy Services


You are getting a exciting!!!


What type of puppy are you going to get?  

Where are you getting the puppy...rescue, shelter, breeder, friend, newspaper?

Is everything puppy proofed....are you sure?

Are you all set to potty train?

Do you have a good setup for puppy when you aren't home?

Do you know there are over 100 socialization & desensitization experiences you should get in before the puppy turns 16 weeks?


Feeling a bit overwhelmed???  Don't be.

Take advantage of our Puppy Services. 


It can feel like a lot but I'm here to help.  Not only that, with a puppy and a year old pup of my own at the moment, I've recently been where you are now.  I'm here to help take the stress out of bringing home your puppy, so you can spend more time enjoying your little bundle of love.  Trust me...they grow up way too quickly, so I want you to enjoy it.  There is a puppy service  for whatever stage you are currently at. 


You may notice the puppy services are discounted from traditional in-home dog training sessions.  The reason for this is I believe strongly in starting out on the right foot when getting a puppy, and I want to assist you in starting out right.



Puppy Dreaming

(includes one hour in-home or virtual session)

Virtual Option Available

Have you decided now is the time to add a puppy into your household?  Overwhelmed by all the different breeds out there?

Finding the right match for you and your household is key to bringing home a puppy that is going to be good match which fits into your lifestyle and reduce the chance of having to rehome later.  A Border Collie may be a lifelong dream, but if you live in an apartment and your idea of a great winter weekend is hanging on the couch watching movies, this is not going to go well.  Love the look of the neighbor's cute little Poodle?  Great!  Are you up for taking him in for routine grooming?

During your Puppy Dreaming appointment, I will come in to your home and meet with you and the rest of your family.  Hear from you what your hopes and dreams are for the ideal dog, and see how that matches to your lifestyle.  Perhaps your initial thoughts end up being a great match!  That's great.  We can talk more about options for you for moving forward to find your match and what to ask any breeder or shelter when looking. No worries if your initial thoughts don't line up.  There are so many breeds out there, we can find several options which may fit.  If you don't want to give up on your dream dog, we can discuss what you can do to change up your lifestyle to make the fit work better.

At the conclusion of our visit, you will receive a write up of several breeds which may be a good fit for your situation, links to educate yourself further,  & tips on finding your puppy.  

Let's Get Ready for Puppy

(includes one hour in-home or virtual session)

Virtual Option Available

You've put down your deposit and are checking off the days on your calendar until you can go pick up your new bundle of joy.  Are you feeling ready???

Just like a new baby, there are a zillion different things you need to do to prepare your home for your new arrival.  Where will the puppy stay when not being supervised (because he/she will get in trouble)?  How are you planning to proceed with potty training?  Is the home puppy proofed?  What are the home expectations of puppy behavior?  Of course, you won't be able to anticipate everything, but our "Let's Get Ready for Puppy" visit will get you set up for success.  

During the visit, we will talk about your plans for introducing puppy into the family.  Based on your puppy plans, I will make suggestions of things you may have overlooked or may want to reconsider.  I'll even go through your home from a puppy's eye and provide feedback on areas in need of puppy proofing.  We can make a plan for puppy's first few days in the home and you will get a worksheet to make sure you have everything you need before the day, so you can relax and enjoy your new addition.

Reach out today to set up your Puppy service

Puppy's Here...No Need to Fear
275 plus tax

 (includes 3 one hour in-home sessions, 2 virtual sessions, and
60 days of unlimited email support)

Has your little bundle of joy become not so much a bundle of joy?  Although having a new puppy can be one of the most joyous times in your life, it isn't all rainbows and butterflies.  You also have the joys of potty training, nipping, crying at night, jealous (or fearful) animal siblings, overly enthusiastic play with children in the house.  As frustrating as it may seem at times, this is all normal new puppy issues, and I'm here to help.


With this package, we will not only work on the issues you are currently facing, we will address possible hurdles to come in order to head them off.   During our sessions we will work on items such as:


Potty Training

Nipping & Good Manners

Basic Obedience

Safe Socialization & Desensitization 

Puppy/Family Integration 

& of course a Trick or two 


Bailey, my very own bundle of puppy energy.  Can you tell he loves snow?

Baby Freya.jpeg

How quickly time flies by!  Freya as a baby.  I can't believe she is now over a year old.  Enjoy the time with your own baby.

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